Lauren’s expertise and success in the fitness-lifestyle category is remarkable.

A fitness artist, celebrity trainer, innovator and trendsetter, she created the addictive and cult-like boutique workout and community, Lithe Method. This unique studio experience was based on her invention of Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting which combines cheer choreography and cheer conditioning — creating incredible and proven results while being fun, addictive, empowering, and constantly challenging. 

Lauren is now breaking through studio walls, and into the global digital fitness space with Studio LB, LB Action, and she's also writing her first book. 


A 20-year industry vet, certified Pilates instructor and mom-of-one, Lauren has gained a mystique and notoriety nationwide, appearing on shows like the Kris Jenner show, The Doctors, and in publications such as The New York Times, People, Vogue, SHAPE, Fitness Magazine, and Forbes (just to name a few).

She has become a thought-leader in the industry, leading round table discussions on fitness lifestyle branding, contributing to the health and wellness section of The Huffington Post, and was named one of the top 14 fitness accounts to follow on Instagram by SELF Magazine. In addition, brands such as Reebok, Gaiam, Freepeople, New Balance, and Audi have all partnered with Lauren to help them access influential groups of fitness tastemakers. 

Beyond fitness, Lauren’s energy, authenticity, and ability to drive user experience and foster human connections has helped her create a passionate and dedicated community worldwide.  Lauren resides in Los Angeles.