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lb 100: 3 months + change

Ready to leave behind this winter-waist-land?  It's 100 days until Memorial Day 2018 and I'm so excited to help you be the best you for YOU come May 28th with my LB 100 program! 

LB 100 is a three month, four-phase fitness lifestyle program that anyone can join, at any phase.  The cost of participating is a four month membership to Studio LB ($39/month)...which is less than the cost of two fitness classes, and you can cancel anytime.   

Entrenched in Studio LB workouts, mindfulness and healthy living, I'll teach you my concept of balance where I'll help you find your LB FIT weight that you can live better with.  In previous challenges, I've shown you how you can fast track your way to optimal health, but this is our slow and steady plan for everyday living.  Get ready for your transformation!


LB 100 At-A-Glance (more here):

  • Phase 1:  Starter Kit  2/15-3/18
  • Phase 2: INsideOut  3/19-4/15
  • Phase 3: Spring Training 4/16-5/27
  • Phase 4: Activation 5/19-5/24


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