STREAM with lauren BOGGI

STUDIO LB® is a fiercely effective fusion of dynamic total-body, cardio and toning core-defining moves set to your favorite int'l dj's and Top 50 hits.

My intense, ever-evolving, dance and mat-based program for all levels challenges you to flow from one exercise to the next, building rock solid abs, lean, strong muscles, and gives you results, fast

As a Studio LB member, you'll receive two NEW 50-min cardio and sculpting workouts every week.  For optimal results, do workout 1 + 2, two times per week, alternated.  You'll also have access to my entire Studio LB Program library (150+ 50-min. workouts), and quick-burn 5-30-min workouts!

    every week

  • ACCESS TO THE ENTIRE LIBRARY  of 150+ 50-min workouts, and quick-burn (under 30-min) workouts!

    from any device 

  • $39.95/MONTH from any device

I recently subscribed to Lauren Boggi streaming classes and I am loving these so much! I have been a fitness fan for over 20 years, trying all different styles, methods and fads, getting bored of most of them fairly quickly. I thought I will never see anything new. And then I tried Lauren’s workouts. They are so much fun! And I so absolutely love Lauren’s energy and the fact that there is so much emphasis on the core exercises incorporated in cardio, in a fresh original way. I know it sounds unbelievable but 5 days of this cardio and I feel and see a difference in my waist. Thank you so much Lauren!