Private & group Training

As a former SEC Division IA athlete, I'm no stranger to hard work. 

Training with me is not just about having fun achieving your best body, it’s about establishing a strong wellness work ethic, gaining confidence, and achieving amazing results.  I'll mix up my results-oriented programming to keep it interesting, and ensure that your body experiences new muscle action so you'll never become bored or plateau. 

A typical training week with me includes my signature cardio, strength training, and active recovery, which may be a hike or a walk (I can also do this digitally).  I take an empowered, whole body approach to fitness and we'll address diet and mindfulness, as well.  We'll take it as far as you'd like and see results like never before. 

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Private Training

Starting with a consult, I'll create a unique plan to fit your individual needs and goals, overcome plateaus, accommodate injuries and provide modifications. 

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Small Group Training

The more, the merrier.  We'll start with a consult and I'll create a unique plan to fit the needs and goals of the group. 


Digital Private + Group Training

Just like IRL, We'll kick-off with a consult and develop a program based on your unique needs and goals.  An expert at teaching in-person and on-camera, I'll make you feel comfortable (and confident) and move along with you via Facetime or Skype. 

It's just like a real class! 

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